Failed card transactions anyone?

self.Crypto_com1m ago
I was out for a meal and tried to use my CDC card on their app to pay - but it failed on the app. I tried again and it failed again, so I used a different card. Later I was surprised my card balance had dropped so low and saw the two failed transactions were on there as ‘Completed’. I queried support who said they were in a pre-authorised state and would be returned in 30 days in the merchant doesn’t claim them. I kept checking in with support up until the 30 day mark and got the same response. On day 31 I still had not had the funds returned to my balance and when I questioned support they asked me to provide evidence…. Again (already don’t it 3 times). Luckily I had a screenshot of the transaction, so posted that. Support asked me to video myself scrolling through the transactions and when I went to look those transactions were no longer there, and my balance hadn’t been restored either. I questioned this and was told the money was never taken in the first place - which I know it was. WTF is going on? So pissed with this card now!