Visa Debit Card denied for some transactions (Australia)

self.Crypto_com1m ago
I've had two transactions be denied, both online, one for []( and the other 'the good guys'. just won't accept the card. other 'normal' credit card was fine for []( I've had a good 30% more funds available than the cost for both when trying to pay. Plenty of other transactions are working, using the card every day. For all the other Aussies, what have their experiences been with denied transactions and have you found any way around it? i will go in store tomorrow to the good guys and see if my physical card will get over the line instead. any advice or other aussies that have tried to follow up and find out why it was denied and how you did it? the Curve card isn't available in australia, but has anyone found something else that gets around card denied issues in Aus? loving my card though, which i haven't had for even a month and i received the physical card very quickly.