CDC Lost My €10,000 Deposit With Terrible Customer Support

self.Crypto_com1m ago
TLDR: I made a €10,000 euro deposit and CDC "couldn't find" it. I spent 1.5 months getting it back and the CDC customer support was non-existent. I made a €10,000 deposit on April 19. After not seeing the deposit show up, I contacted CDC and they said to wait. After eight days, I contacted support again and they blamed my bank. I contacted my bank and received the transfer information to send it to CDC support. CDC support says they didn't show the deposit in "their system." I work in banking and know how these systems work. I point out that the transfer information has the SWIFT GPI, a unique identifier of a transaction that can be monitored in real-time. They can simply call their bank and trace what happened with the SWIFT GPI. They wouldn't bother to call each time and would just say they didn't have it in "their system." CDC support wouldn't do the most basic troubleshooting of a deposit. CDC support said that I needed to do a retraction of the transfer. Doing the retraction cost €78 from my bank. I didn't have any other choice and have to pay €78 and started the transfer retraction. 36 days later on May 24, I finally received the money. But CDC's bank added a fee of €42 for the pleasure of returning my money. Let that sink in. CDC support said their bank never received the money but their bank charged me €42 to return my money. Overall, this has been an absolutely terrible experience with CDC and their support. Their support wouldn't do the most basic of troubleshooting like calling their bank with the SWIFT GPI. To add insult to injury, CDC's support said they won't do anything about the €120 in fees I've been charged because "the fee was taken from the bank part." In the middle of CDO's meltdown because of CDC's decisions, I had to try to recover my €10,000 deposit. All of this leaves me wondering why any of us would remain customers.