180+ Days of Customer Service [update]

self.Crypto_com1m ago
**TLDR: My faith in** [**crypto.com**](https://crypto.com) **has been restored.** I had made a post about my issue several months ago. I had made the post with the mindset of making this update, however I never thought it would take this long. **The essential story:** \- I'm a Canadian living abroad \- I had a several loans with CDC that were nowhere near liquidation levels \- New regulations kicked in for Canadians so that current loans would be returned minus interest and amount owing (from my understanding) \- Me being overseas, messed up with the system update, so I was blocked from being able to pay off the loan, or the system paying it for me. I couldn't even look at the loans (completely blocked off from that page via app or desktop) \- I messaged CDC support regarding my issue and gave them about one months time with no real updates before I started messaging them again, this was the annoying part. Kept getting the most generic responses and interactions with many different Reps, and having to constantly retell me story \- After about 2 months all my loans were liquidated due to a market crash, even though I kept trying to pay of the loan through any means. At the same time, the page to look at my loans reopened for some reason. \- After 3.5 months I just given up on ever being compensated, but decided I would stay in contact by messaging them every 2 weeks or so. This was very frustrating because once agian I was constantly having to reexplain the situation to new reps, and at one point my conversation was closed. \- Today I finally got back everything that was due to me.... and I was beyond belief, I honestly thought I would never see those funds again (they were significant enough to worry about, but small enough to accept as a loss). I'm still quite in shock... and silverling ontop of everything, the funds were given as ust... so with the market being so bottom out... I can actually make all this hassle work to my advantage. **Tips for anyone dealing with CDC on unresolved issues that I think worked for me:** \- Make sure you take screenshots of everything, I had a screenshot of the inaccessible loans page that was mysteriously fixed months later after my lonas were liquidated. Also keep all emails super organized so you can refer to them at ease. \- No matter how frustrated or pissed off you are, try to be professional and cool headed (easier said than done) because you are talking to a real person who would probably really like to just solve your issues asap but doesn't have the power to do so. \- Always keep the message going, even with slow response, I think every two weeks is more than enough to keep the conversation alive. \- final tip (that really helped me) just assume that whatever money is missing will never come back, it will help with the mental stress, and if/when the assets return it will feel like Christmas (especially when the market is taking a beating). **Final take away:** \- I'm gonna buy back into CDC (literally sold everything into other alts beause I was so livid... but at the same time really wanted to get back into it cause I do believe in a real future for them). \- It was really annoying and frustrating what happened (although I'm happy) it took way too long for this issue to be resolved (Oct 2021 \~ Apr 2022). \- I hope everyone can have their issues dealt with in a similar manner (but hopefuly faster)