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What was the first working POS coin?

Posting here because I don't have 500 comment karma for posting in r/cryptocurrencies... I remember peercoin being touted as a POS coin but it did not have the option of where/with whom to stake ones coins. I currently use staking on ATOM through Keplr. I'd like to know which was the first coin to ever give someone an option of where to stake one's coins! Was it ATOM? Was it ADA or was it some other coin?
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Spongebob stakes his $ATOM

$ATOM #blockchain #COSMOS #crypto #altseason #meme— You get touched tonight starring TRP (@TRP_DaRainmaker) April 11, 2021
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⚛️🏛 CosmosGov - New draft 🏛⚛️

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Do Kwon (Terra) thoughts on Cosmos

✉️ Twitter Do Kwon :🌔 Terra :🪞 Mirror :⚓️ Anchor : https://anchorprotocol.com00:...