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What Happened to my ATOM?! Xfer from Keplr to BinanceUS

So I found out about a token I wanted to purchase on pancakeswap that I needed WBNB for. I decided to use some of my ATOM profits to buy it, so I transferred 50 ATOM from my Keplr wallet to my Binance US account.... that was almost 2 hours ago and still nothing has come through! I checked the transaction on tendermint, it went through and sure enough the funds aren't in my Keplr wallet, so where are they? Does anyone have experience in this? Public Addresses: Tx Hash: 2389BDC71A20308324C44407A78EFF9FA9980775821B745D2767BCD76CC5B828
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Onomy Protocol - the financial infrastructure converging CeFi with DeFi announced its first public testnet, Onet. It's fully Cosmos based and is currently looking for validators. The purpose of testing is proving out the Gravity bridge (the bridge b/w Cosmos and ETH), deployment methodology , etc

Our public testnet is live, with validators worldwide now able to join, run a full node, test the Gravity bridge, and obtain faucet NOM. After going through several iterations of private testnets, we…