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What gives ATOM Value?

I am new to Cosmos and I have been reading a lot of its use case and value. Here are my points which I am curious about: 1. If Cosmos Network is designed to bridge different blockchains then what is the use of ATOM in the network? Is ATOM really needed in the transactions via peg zones (not sure what they call them). Does ATOM's value increase by the increase use of IBC from other blockchains? If not, I can't see a value proposition in this token. 2. I heard that Cosmos plans to roll out IBC this early 2021 but after IBC... What is next from the Whitepaper 1.0 of Cosmos. Will there be DeFi applications in the system? What are the plans? All in all, The plan in Cosmos Network is open-ended. I have made significant research before posting this on reddit. My suggestions for this to gain massive traction by Crypto-minds alike: 1. There should be a new Whitepaper after IBC. Whitepaper 2.0 or something. Since plans are rolled out after IBC. A decentralized token with many developers, I know there is the ICF which funds them but the ICF should know that without plans from here on now, there can never be traction. 2. ATOM ATOM ATOM. I just see the token as PoS token without use case. Does the owners or founders really devised this token just for having a token to raise funds? All are my points and if ever you can answer them and make it clear. I will appreciate it. No hate, I just have a lots of questions on my mind.
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