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What does the Launch of Cosmos mean for the Blockchain Ecosystem?

What was launched

On March 13th 2019, the Cosmos Hub was launched. The goal of the Cosmos Hub is to be one of the main Hubs in the Cosmos Network. A Hub is a blockchain specifically designed to connect other blockchains together. The connection is made via a protocol called Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), which is not yet live but top priority as the next milestone in the Cosmos roadmap. Read the Cosmos Intro for more information on the Cosmos Network topology.

The Cosmos Hub launched with a functional Proof-of-Stake layer built on top of a BFT consensus engine called Tendermint Core. In addition to that, the Hub launched with its own implementation of a novel Proof-of-Stake design called Bonded Proof-of-Stake (BPoS).

A few days before the launch of the Cosmos Hub, a similar Hub called the IRIS Hub launched with the same properties. Both Cosmos Hub and Iris Hub are built on the Cosmos SDK, and will likely be important players in routing traffic across the Interchain. Even though these platforms are still MVPs, they set a strong precedent for the whole blockchain ecosystem, demonstrating that a new generation of tooling is now production-ready for developers to experiment with.

What Cosmos brings to the table 1. A production-grade BFT engine that can operate on the public Internet

The first thing that the successful launch of the Cosmos Hub marks is the advent of a new production-grade BFT engine: Tendermint Core.

The Cosmos Hub is built on top of Tendermint Core, which is the first implementation of a BFT consensus engine that can scale to hundreds of validators distributed on the public Internet (i.e. without direct connectivity between validator nodes).

Additionally, Tendermint is the only implementation of a BFT consensus algorithm in the blockchain space that offers strong safety guarantees. What this means is that Tendermint will never allow two honest nodes to see different versions of the state if th...

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