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I've seen that we have had an influx of people in the cosmos community, so I wanted to say Welcome! Whether your new to cryptocurrency or to just the project, welcome to Cosmos! There is a lot to learn about this really cool project, and it's pretty complex (I still find out new things about cosmos all the time). Don't let people spreading FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about Cosmos scare you away. Doing your own research is the best way to stay informed and learn about the project. Don't know where to start? Here are a lot of resources I used to help me learn about not only cosmos, but what Defi (decentralized finance), blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are! Feel free to bookmark these and come to them at your own pace: 1. What is a blockchain? simply explained: [\_EIwHSd4]( 2. Guy from **CoinBureau** \- He does an immense amount of research on a lot of projects and helps you stay informed about the industry. He has videos on exchanges to use, scams to stay away from, and cool projects to look at: []( 3. **Finematics** \- learn all about Defi! []( 4. Glossary of cryptocurrency terms: []( 5. Real time, easy to read, market comparison data: []( 6. Cosmos Website: []( 7. Cosmos Whitepaper: []( ​ Welcome and Enjoy!
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Cosmos network weekly metrics update

Cosmos Network Weekly Update ⚛️➡️ Number of wallets: +3,3% ✨➡️ Number of delegators: +2,9% 📈➡️ Total unbonding: -77% 👍➡️ Top20 voting power: -7,2% 🙌➡️ Bonded Ratio: +10,84% 🔥➡️ Transfer Volume: +9...
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Cøsmos biweekl: Gravity DEX testnet competition is on, 18.55M ATOM were delegated to 65 Cosmos Hub validators, How IBC creates value for the Cosmos, IBC is now live on Akash, Sentinel initiates bandwidth sharing on the IBC testnet, Secret Binance Smart Chain Bridge is live on testnet, Injective part

[email protected] biweekly vol.47 • Gravity DEX testnet competition is on• How IBC creates value for the Cosmos Hub• #IBC is now live on @akashnet_• @Sentinel_co initiates bandwidth sharing on the IBC testnet•...