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Undelegating for lower comm apparently means I am not a true believer

Without disclosing the exact amount, I hold a large bag of Atom I bought and have supported this system by staking before most even heard about this token. I love this project and will still hold and earn great returns in the future. But as a personal gripe to any new token project looking to honestly and fairly show appreciation to those that support the chain: consider altering how you do future snapshots. Take into consideration stakers that are currently undeleting as there is a good chance they are switching pools to find a lower commission and not just trying to dump on the market. A detailed heads up would a small professional curtesy. Instead I get heavily penalized on all foreseeable future airdrops due to bad timing and a couple of days left to complete the un-delegation as the process is quite lengthy. This could have been avoided by a simple advanced notice with specific dates and qualifying guidelines. Riddles and vague hints are fun but not professional, let's keep those in the XRP community. You can operate as you please, but don't call that a fair or honest distribution. Looking at you Osmosis... No reason to be short changing those that believe in the cosmos system especially the larger bag holders in the community. These aren't just appreciation tokens, their distribution is weighted favoring those most likely to hold and support the system. For everyone else reading this: you can get pissy with me if you'd like but stiffing supporters like myself is counterproductive. We are more likely to hold long term in support of a project versus someone with only a few thousand USD invested.
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