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June 18th, 2020 👩🏻‍🚀 [u/Adriana\_kalpa](|**Tendermint** “*it's only with the heart that one can see rightly*. *What is essential is invisible to the eye*" 🇬🇧[English - Original Version]( Translations: 🇭🇰 [Chinese Traditional]( by [u/shilinzzz](|**Forbole** 🇨🇳 Chinese Simplified by **Soros**|**RealSatoshi** 🇯🇵 Japanese by **Takuya**|**HashHub** 🇮🇹 [Italian]( by [u/catdotfish](|**Cosmos Guardian** 🇰🇷 Korean by [u/r2load](|**Chainapsis** 🇫🇷 French by **Cihan**|**Wonder Wasp** 🇵🇭 [Filipino]( by **Ken**|**Philippines CWM** 🇮🇳 [Indian]( by **Arifa**|**Persistence** 🇪🇸 Spanish by **Víctor**|**Cryptomeleabs** 🇷🇺 Russian by **Serej**|**Cyber\~Congress** 🇹🇷 Turkish by **Cosmos Turkey** 🇩🇪 German by **Massi**|**Cosmos Alliance** 🇹🇭 Thai by **Mao**|**BlocksPaper SEA** 🇧🇬 [Bulgarian]( by **Maria**|**Dokia Capital** 🇸🇦 [Arabic]( by **Walid**|**Dokia Capital** 🏳️join us ♥️ 🎂Today in Cosmos Turns One 🎂 [](
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China’s Cosmos and ChainLink Plan

China sought guidance from Cosmos and ChainLink in their development of the Blockchain Service Network to help build a “service hub” which would form its “internet of blockchains.”