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To talk about the "Zone" in the cosmos Hub. Have to rent or bid or free entrance to connect to Cosmos Hub.

I'm studying about how cosmos Hub works and interacts with other hubs in the network. As known, IRIS is a zone which connected with Cosmos Hub as a below image. I also read first version of cosmos network document but it doesn't show about how much cost to rent a ZONE or bond ATOMS to have an accessible permission to Cosmos Hub as IRIS is doing. Anyone helps me to understand the operating mechanism of Zone. Thanks a lot.
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Onomy Protocol - the financial infrastructure converging CeFi with DeFi announced its first public testnet, Onet. It's fully Cosmos based and is currently looking for validators. The purpose of testing is proving out the Gravity bridge (the bridge b/w Cosmos and ETH), deployment methodology , etc

Our public testnet is live, with validators worldwide now able to join, run a full node, test the Gravity bridge, and obtain faucet NOM. After going through several iterations of private testnets, we…