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[THREAD] There Are ~250 Apps and Services being built On Cosmos. What are some of your favorites?

It's hard not to get excited about the products and creator communities being born out of Cosmos right now. Would love to learn more about some of the community's favorite projects and see what everyone else is currently obsessed with. **My current obsession:** **Sommelier Finance -** [****]( * Sommelier is an automated yield aggregator that offers impermanent loss protection, portfolio re-balancing, as well as lower gas fees. **.What I'm loving about Sommelier Finance:** * Automatically rebalances my portfolio every 12 hours. * Liquidity yield management on autopilot. * Automatically generate fees wherever Liquidity is paying. * Overall, it helped me move my DeFi assets into higher yields faster and cheaper.
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Much watch Gavin talking about Cosmo

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One day left to cast your vote on proposal #29?

One day left to cast your vote on proposal #29.So far 77% are in favor of the Genesis fund recovery.For more info please visit: 🕵️🔍$ATOM #COSMOS— Co...