This week's updated/announced Airdrops

self.cosmosnetwork1m ago
Evening all, Creator of: here. It's been a long while since I've done a post on upcoming airdrops (see almost a month ago now: ) It's been a crazy month (what with the Terra Luna/UST drama etc) but I've also working on getting a small grant from the Osmosis Grants Program (see ) which I'm hugely grateful for! Anyway, some updates, in no particular order: 1) Cheqd CHEQ - Airdrop mission 3? 2) Stargaze STARS - Airdrop mission 5 3) Mobix MOBX - Mobix Stakedrop 2 4) Oraichain ORAIX - Fairdrop announcement 9 5) Aqua AQUA Will be dropping to JUNO and ATOM Stakers 6) Andromaverse ANDR Airdrop for @Andromaverse and @StargazePunks holders? 7) Coslend CLND 100 lucky Gems given out? 8) Wynd Foundation WYND Snapshot for OSMO, REGEN 5 May 2022, Juno 6 May 2022. 9) GNO Land GNOT Snapshot for Atom holders on 20 May 2022 10) Coffee COFE Airdrop for #NFTs hodlers, $ATOM $STARS stakers 11) Owlies OWLIES Mint OhhNFT on 27 May 22. Stake STARS, STRDST, OHH. 12) Evmos EVMOS Make sure you've claimed all parts of the airdrop now 13) More validator Airdrops: this time from King Nodes and Another Software. Anything I've missed? Which drops are you most looking forward to? See more on my app: and please consider donating if you find it useful! Have a good evening!