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Tendermint Fellowships for Cosmos builders

🔊 Tendermint Inc is excited to announce the launch of Tendermint Fellowships, a program that seeks to identify & support individuals within the Cosmos ecosystem who throughout various cosmos events, prove an extraordinary potential.With this new initiative, participating in #HackAtoms has never been more exciting as Tendermint Fellowships are now at stake for the winners of #HackAtom V! 🏆Register, build, win, and apply for a Tendermint fellowship with grants up to 12M! 💰 Start building now 👉 []( How to qualify? 👇Be part of a team that placed in any one of the prize categories of qualifying hackathons launched by or sponsored by Cosmos. This includes HackAtom V, any future ETHGlobal events, or any HackAtom that Cosmos sponsors in the future. Program's details:🗓 Up to 12 months💰 base monthly: starting from $3,000: 50% in #ATOM & 50% in #IRIS up to a max of $12,500🤑 extra incentives for shipping a product earlier🎓 Lifetime recognition on the Tendermint website as a Tendermint Fellow Details of the program by Chjango Unchained ✍️ [](
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