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Tendermint 2020 Roadmap

The Tendermint Core team has decided to share our goals and roadmap for 2020. What follows is a list of our objectives for the year, organized around four high-level goals, which are themselves ordered by approximate priority. However, we plan to tackle pieces of each of these goals concurrently.

This list is ambitious: It is possible, even likely, that there’s more outlined here than we can achieve in a year. If you are interested in helping us reach these goals, we’ll be opening up a few new positions soon.

Goal 1: Increase the number of people who can make substantive contributions to Tendermint Core

We’d like to speed up Tendermint’s development process, and as part of that, we’d like to increase the number of people who can meaningfully contribute to Tendermint Core. This is a two-fold process: First, we plan to increase the number of potential contributors; and second, we need to make it as easy as possible for these engineers to contribute by lowering the “cost of entry” to the project.

Tendermint Core is an ambitious codebase. It can be a challenging one as well, combining a novel security model with aggressive requirements around throughput and performance. Additionally, Tendermint Core has accumulated some technical debt as it nears its sixth (!) birthday.

Increase the number of contributors

This is largely a hiring problem. We had two new engineers join the team in January, and we’ll continue to hire throughout the year.

Lower the “cost of entry” to the project

In order to make Tendermint Core as friendly as possible, we plan to refactor and simplify a number of components. We also intend to produce on-boarding documentation which will help new hires and community contributors understand the architecture and design of Tendermint Core more quickly.

The candidates for refactoring will all first need to be assessed: Does this component meet our needs from a testability perspective? From a performance perspe...

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