TedLotto - Bitsong joins the family of free lottos!

self.cosmosnetwork1m ago
Hello everyone, **Please don't downvote**, TedLotto is free, no risky, no scam. We are not selling tickets, we don't need your tokens - to participate all you have to do is delegate as you already do for other validators. Currently, TedLotto only works for delegators of TedCrypto, but is actually prepared to work with other validators, so reach out to your validators on Twitter and ask them to reach out to us! *We tried to connect with some and we were* ***IGNORED!*** **EDIT:** More from Bitsong Official twitter: [https://twitter.com/BitSongOfficial/status/1529095023047987200?s=20&t=FfrnwmmHywtv15qiuQ4ikA](https://twitter.com/BitSongOfficial/status/1529095023047987200?s=20&t=FfrnwmmHywtv15qiuQ4ikA) ​ Curious about TedLotto and wanna know more about how we can do this, please read in more detail here: [https://docs.tedcrypto.io](https://docs.tedcrypto.io) Now to the topic... I'm pleased to announce that we bought \~$400 $BTSG to kickstart our TedLotto for bitsong and that our delegators can start earning those tokens by delegating with Tedcrypto. You can delegate using restake, bitsong wallet or any other explorer just make sure you stake the needed tokens for a ticket (currently 100 $BTSG) and that you connect your wallet in TedLotto ([https://lotto.tedcrypto.io](https://lotto.tedcrypto.io)). πŸ“· Jackpot: \~9000 [$BTSG](https://twitter.com/search?q=%24BTSG&src=cashtag_click)πŸ“· Stake needed for a ticket: 100 [$BTSG](https://twitter.com/search?q=%24BTSG&src=cashtag_click)πŸ“· Min copper prize: 5 [$BTSG](https://twitter.com/search?q=%24BTSG&src=cashtag_click)πŸ“· Other min prizes: 15 [$BTSG](https://twitter.com/search?q=%24BTSG&src=cashtag_click)πŸ“· Draw time: Tuesdays at 21h00 UTC The first Lotto will be tomorrow at 21h00 UTC [https://twitter.com/tedcrypto\_/status/1528799714660982785?s=20&t=kli6-DEOJcg5acJYOyEJ5A](https://twitter.com/tedcrypto_/status/1528799714660982785?s=20&t=kli6-DEOJcg5acJYOyEJ5A) This is completely free and scam-free, we do not need you to sign or enrol any smart contract, everything is done using the magic of cosmos, RPC and REST. Connecting the wallet just give us the wallet address so we can look up your stake amounts and create the tickets for you in our database. Really hope you enjoy this free app, some validators run giveaways and Tedcrypto created a fun game of chances with TedLotto for you to play with. Also join our telegram community: [https://t.me/TedcryptoOfficial](https://t.me/TedcryptoOfficial)