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Switcheo TradeHub (SWTH) moving towards protocol neutrality for new listings!

This is huge! Switcheo TradeHub is transitioning to a neutral, open protocol, possibly by Stargate upgrade. What this means is that anybody can list any asset to be traded on Switcheo TradeHub - no governance votes required! Instead, the specific trading apps on Switcheo TradeHub (e.g. Demex) will decide on which listing pairs to add to their UIs. This significantly simplifies and streamlines the listing process. There are currently 3 blockchains interconnected with Switcheo TradeHub, and their projects can now be listed: ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, NEO. Zilliqa is in the works and should be added shortly as well as Cosmos via Stargate upgrade which is also currently in the works. Here is some more information from Ivan Poon, one of the Switcheo Labs co-founders: [\_switcheo/status/1399566809108389891](
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Read our Validator Constitution

As grows as a validator service, certain rules on what constitutes a “yes” vote and a “no” vote in governance need to be laid outLink here: pic.twitter....