Stargaze (STARS) Price up 59.9% in 4 Days, Gains vs BTC 39.5% in last 7 days

self.cosmosnetwork1m ago
Now that STARS crazy inflationary period is over because APRs on STARS are much lower, we are entering into a more deflationary period for the blockchain with the marketplace launch, as people are buying STARS to trade/mint NFTs burning STARS tokens--which has yielded some crazy price action. 5/19 most recent low of $0.0297 (was 0.027 a few days earlier) 5/23 Current Price $0.0475 59.9% increase over 4 days Marketcap increase from 28.5 million to 44.3 million. STARS vs BTC Price increase of 39.5% over the last 7 days: Can this price action momentum continue? I don't know. I just bought another bag of STARS today. I'm going to wait to stake it though. Overall, the marketcap is still very small, and I could definitely see this marketcap bust much higher. Not financial advice. DYOR. This price action is really crazy imo given the overall market conditions. I guess people really like trading NFTs. In case you missed my previous post about why I'm bullish on STARS price: EDIT: I also wanted to add that it's been nice seeing the floor price on the top collections keep going up. Stargaze Punks and Bad Kids especially. EDIT2: BTC crapped the bed right after I posted this. Loving buying the top. Classic. It'll be interesting to see how STARS plays out long term!