SCRT on Terra-Keplr - How can I get these over to the Secret Keplr wallet?

self.cosmosnetwork6d ago
I am baffled. If I put in my Keplr address for SCRT it says invalid address. Tried to go through Terra Station and send it from there, invalid address. Tried Terra Bridge. It accepted the transaction, said it was complete but never arrived (Been 20 minutes now). Should this work?? Bought these with my anchor UST in a panic as the ship was sinking and I pulled it out, put them in the Terra Keplr wallet and then had to go back to work. Been trying to figure out how the hell to get them off. Ready to give up. Now on top of that, I just figured out I can't send them to Terra Station anymore as it states insufficient funds (could do this two days ago). Even though it states the fee is just .0012 Luna ( I got .013). When i click approve it now states I need 1200 uLuna - whatever that is. Ugh.