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⚛️✨ Road to IBC✨ ⚛️

Stay up to date with developments and find out what the teams are working on to create the first interchain ecosystem! 🔭 **IBC Overview** •[Blockchain Interoperability]( with Billy Rennekamp|Interchain Foundation & GmbH •[Blockchain interoperability using IBC]( with Chris Goes|Interchain GmbH & Dean Tribble|Agoric •[Full IBC playlist on Youtube]( •Want to see IBC in action? [Now you can via Tamagotchi Zone|stakefish and Keplr Wallet|Chainapsis]( 🔗 **Interchain Working Group** •[Github]( •[Telegram Chat]( •[Website]( 🚀 **Stargate Upgrade** What changes/implementations should we expect from it? •*transition from Amino to Protobuf* •*IBC implementation* *•state sync* *•full featured lite clients* *•on chain upgrades* *•improvement in TPS* *•Javascript client libs* [Project dashboard]( 👥 **Interchain Accounts** *•*[Why Interchain Accounts Change Everything for Cosmos Interoperability]( by Josh Lee|Chainapsis *•*[Github]( *•*[Telegram Chat]( ⚔️ **Game of Zones** *•*[Competition Winners](
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