Questions about ATOM *

self.cosmosnetwork1m ago
Guys, I'm not a tech guy and there are some technical aspects about ATOM and Blockchains that I'm still learning, so please don't judge me by my questions. πŸ˜… 1) When you stake your atoms you get an apy around 15% and 17% (I know that there is a fluid model), but how much of that is inflation and how much comes from txs fees? How much is usually generated by the cosmos hub in a month from txs? 2) Is it possible to fix the tokenomics of ATOM by governance mechanisms, more specifically fixing the max supply? 3) Interchain Security question: if a project decides to request Interchain Security from the Cosmos Hub that means that it won't have is own token? It would be able to create is on token on the future to provide for its own block validation? Who is going to vote for that? The atom holders in this case? Sorry if you find these questions basic our stupid, but I'm just trying to learn. Thanks