Question about wallets and staking within them

self.cosmosnetwork8m ago
I currently have my atom split between 2 wallets. I originally had some in Exodus and used Cosmostation to re-delegate which worked nicely. But then I learned about Keplr which is amazing to use with Osmosis and once the rest of my atom was unlocked from kucoin, I moved them to Keplr to provide LP. Having read a lot on this sub, I've been learning more about airdrops and this made me rethink my Atom in Exodus and may want to move the rest over to Keplr and stake them on there since I am fairly certain Exodus can't receive any of the coins that airdrops may give. Also the pools are real nice as I am currently using Atom/Osmo and Regen/Atom with Osmo staking being real good to me so far. I just wanted to ask the community the best move before I press that button and have to wait 21 days. Keplr/Osmosis just feels like the right move in the long run. Thank you all and have a good holiday.