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Osmosis Lab pool question.

Can someone please explain exactly how the LP I’m in works in a few regards? It’s an Atom/Juno pool, and I chose the 14 day unbonding option. There’s a bonding bonus after 88 epochs that is noted as a ‘total bonus’ of almost 500,000 Juno. My questions are: 1) does that mean after 88 days in the pool, if I unbound the Juno and Atom, then 14 days later I would have them available as well as all of those bonus Juno tokens?! 2) where does the amount paid as the APR% show up? Is it added to the bonded amount I have in the pool, or does it add to the number of Juno and atom ‘channel’ tokens I see listed in the Kepler wallet? Thanks all. I couldn’t find the description of how this all works to learn it on my own and just guessed when I deposited into the pool.
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