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Need Help with Sending IBC

Hey guys, I have a Cosmos wallet on my android cosmostation app. I just swapped some ATOM for DVPN (Sentinel) with no problem. I created another wallet, but this time I made it a Sentinel wallet. As I'm sure you can guess, I made it to hold my new DVPN tokens. I clicked on the token in my Cosmos wallet - > IBC send -> selected the default channel that was "Authed" -> picked my new Sentinel wallet address -> set it to max amount (since I'll be using ATOM as gas) -> Did the average amount for 40 cents -> confirmed it and then got the successful transaction page and thought all was good. I looked at my IBC tokens on my cosmos wallet and the DVPN was gone. A few seconds later, it was back. Never went to my new wallet. This has happened 3 times now. What causes this to happen? Am I just unlucky and it will eventually go through if I keep trying, or is it something I'm doing wrong? Any advice would help, thanks!
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