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Let’s keep governance discussion civil and focus on what the community CAN do rather than trying to change the past.

It’s nice to see interest in governance and engagement from the community. However, it is no longer creating productive discussions and not bringing value when people are throwing insults and calling one of the top network validators a scam group. It’s uncalled for and unwelcome. Stop whining and go vote. It is *your* right as a delegator. What can we do as a community? - Vote. If you haven’t, do it as your right. If you have, encourage others to do it. Spread awareness. - Engage. Chat with your validators and get their opinions, look into past proposals and understand how they went. Join the forums and get involved. - Innovate. We can discuss ideas and come up with ways to improve the governance process going forward. This is all an experiment and we are learning as we go.
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