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Learn from doge

I really was wanting to use a "discussion" flair but it's not one of the options. I started typing a huge comparison list between doge and atom, but I think most people would already know them. So this is version 2. I personally own both doge and atom (both large bags but doge was a lot cheaper for me because I bought most of them few years ago) Naturally I subbed both r/dogecoin and r/cosmosnetwork on Reddit. While doge welcomes anyone posting anything about doge, stupid or smart, meme or not, pump or rant. Cosmos seems to have no tolerance for stupid posts meme posts or pumps. I have seen some post attempts that get first comment "this is stupid" or "this is a waste of my time" or some other condescending remarks. Soon it is gone or removed. I imagine the person that was deterred, went and sells his atom bag and bought doge (or some other coin) and started pumping that instead. Why must we shun or discourage people from doing stupid posts or meme posts or pumps? We already have the tech to back any price, right? Doge spends nothing on marketing and have almost no development but is almost a household name now. Maybe we can learn to be more light hearted and less threatening. We are spending money to host meme competition because we don't have people posting memes left and right like they do in doge. Like I said in my first line, I just want to start a conversation or discussion. What do you guys think?
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