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Junø on the Osmosis Interchain AMM

Junø on the Osmosis Interchain AMM Junø 1 day ago·2 min read

Swap & LP your Juno on the largest Cosmos decentralized exchange.

Juno the native asset of the decentralized Juno Network is now listed on the Osmosis Interchain AMM.

What can you do on Osmosis?

In a non-custodial way you can now swap in and out of Juno. Furthermore anyone can become a liquidity provider for the currently available pools (See below).


Why LP Juno?

Liquidity providers receive several amazing benefits for providing liquidity to Juno incentivized pools.

Currently as of writing (Oct 5th), LPs earn a 0.3% swap fee on all trades that take place on individual Juno pools.

Starting October 15th, LPs will earn triple incentives on Juno pools #497 and #498.

✅ Osmosis Incentives (Oct 15th)

Approved via Prop. #40 on Osmosis

✅ Juno Incentives (Oct 15th)

Approval Pending via Prop #1 on Juno

✅ Swap Fees

How to get set-up for Osmosis? You will need the Keplr Browser Extension enabled. Create a new wallet or use an existing wallet/mnemonic. Go to and connect your Keplr Extension to the AMM. By connecting to Osmosis, Juno should automatically be added to your Keplr Wallet (Alternatively, if Juno does not automatically get added to your Keplr you may connect via the OmniFlix UI How to deposit/withdraw to Osmosis? Go to the page Look for Juno and click either deposit or withdraw You can now perform an IBC transaction. This will send Juno or any other Cosmos SDK asset that you hold in your Keplr wallet to the AMM or alternatively withdraw from the AMM back to your Keplr wallet. Note: Osmosis AMM and Keplr Wallet are non-custodial + open source. At no point in time is there any interaction with intermediaries.

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