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How do i get my coins from (insert wallet name here) to Keplr - An ELI5 explanation

I posted this in a comment a few days ago but i think more people need to understand this; Its important to understand that Keplr and whatever non-custodial wallet you are using are just "Viewing Points" for your wallet. **Your wallet is stored on the blockchain.** You can take the seedphrase of *any* wallet and enter it into another *viewing point* and see how many coins are stored within your wallet as well as interact with them. Some viewing points have the benefit of offering airdrops, so if you are currently on Cosmostation, Atomic Wallet or whatever else you are using, take your seedphrase, head over to keplr, choose "Import existing" enter your seedphrase and blam, now all your coins can be SEEN in both Keplr and Cosmostation. **Your seedphrase SHOULD NEVER be shared with anybody so only enter it in to trusted sources.** Once you can see your coins in Keplr, head over to: and connect your Keplr wallet - you can then start to claim the osmo's assuming you are eligible. This is ELI5 version, yes i know this is not technical at all. I wanted to make it as simple as possible for everyone.
Go to self.cosmosnetwork
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