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HitBTC accuses Sentinel Network of the low tech with a critical vulnerability

Hello Cosmonauts! I believe everyone is aware of the incident about HitBTC and the 40millions DVPN token lost, just in case I will do a quick summary. The 1st of September, the swap from ERC20 SENT to COSMOS based DVPN will be finishing. The exchange, HitBTC tried to perform the swap with the documentation supplied by Sentinel Team. Due to a human error, HitBTC left the MNEMONIC SEED PHRASE on the "memo" of the transaction for the swap. You can imagine what happened next, as any transaction broadcasted into the blockchain becomes public, anyone could read the memo and get the mnemonic seed phrase. Therefore, being able to make use of the funds. Of course, someone saw the memo and used the funds. The funny part, HitBTC is making allegations, this is not the first time that happens on the Sentinel Network, and it claims "a critical vulnerability in the tech". In my opinion is a joke, trying to justify a human error blaming Sentinel. Just curious about what COSMOS community thinks, as Sentinel is built using Cosmos SDK, so if I believe HitBTC, COSMOS HUB is not well designed? What do you think? Is it fair to make those kind of accusation? This is an article in Coindesk [](
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