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Ever wondered how to make a Cyber wallet? Create a cyberlink? Check your gift? Get tokens? Run a node? Become the master of the Great Web?

Cyber Homestead Documentation 🎫 Section subtitle: Preparation

This section contains basic information that you will need for your journey into the world of cyber. This guide will be your foundation for knowledge from the different aspects of the Cyber ecosphere. Strap in, it's going to be a wild ride.

Release version

0.2.5: Venus

Content How to use this guide

We will be creating an interactive knowledge center in the future, until then this will be your cyber bible.

Because the information in the guide might be quite dense for one sitting you may skip through it by clicking the desired section instead. We also suggest that you take advantage of the cntrl-F function to search directly for what you are looking for. If you used the content section to reach any of the sections, then by using the back button on your browser it should take you back to the content page again.

The guide is currently made by the cyber~Congress team. It's meant to be a knowledge database for everything that there is to know about Cyber and its many appendages.

If you have any suggestions or wish to contribute to this guide, simply sumbit a GitHub issue.

⛽ Section subtitle: Ground floor

Cosmonauts need to undergo an intensive training regime to reach the stars. In this section, you will be presented with some basic terminology that will give you a deeper understanding regarding the Cyber eco-sphere. Some basics will include the history of Cyber, how it works, how to interact with it and the core Cyber philosophy.

Technical questions in plain terms

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What are distributed technologies? Distributed technologies are technologies that do not have a central source of power in terms of computing and storage. In regards to blockchains (distributed data ledgers), it is primarily referring to databases that are shared across multiple indep...
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