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How ledit is this project in your opinion? I’ve heard a lot of people claiming the airdrop is a shitshow and the devs are unprofessional yet I’d like to think everyone can go through some teething problems… is it worth claiming? Or are they capitulating on a hot topic/everyone’s desire for decentralised social media? UPDATE: I managed to connect the bloody chain and tried to claim the airdrop…. THERE ARE NO CLAIMABLE AIRDROPS LEFT TO BE CLAIMED…. Whaaaaaat? I checked prior. I am eligible. I am ready to throw my laptop against the wall….. UPDATE2: the only way go-find me page can read my Keplr wallet is when the wallet is set for Desmos. The address eligible for airdrop is Cosmostation (connected to Keplr)… when I choose Cosmos in my Keplr wallet the go-find me page doesn’t connect to Keplr wallet…. When I tried to claim the airdrop when connected to Desmos wallet obvs there’s no DSM to claim…. I’m going mad but I won’t stop till I solve it 🤯😭
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