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DeFi Hackathon is Coming to SF Blockchain Week

Apply for the hackathon:

The next 100 who sign up before Sept 30 who are accepted will:

1. Receive a free ticket to SFBW Epicenter

2. Be entered into a raffle to win a round-trip flight to San Francisco

SF Blockchain Week Hackathon

Home to several of the earliest Bitcoin startups and Ethereum meetups, San Francisco is one of the epicenters of blockchain and cryptocurrency research and development. That’s why it’s home to the biggest decentralized finance hackathon of the year: DeFi hackathon.

DeFi Hackathon

The number of newly-imagined financial instruments that are emerging from staking and cross-chain interoperability are some of the more exciting applications to arise from blockchain technology. DeFi is a use case that emerged from the Ethereum community which permeated to the rest of the ecosystem. Spinning off of that, Staking-as-DeFi became a new idea that emerged from the Cosmos community out of a hackathon concept following last June’s Interchain Conversations unconference.

Tokenized derivatives, synthetic instruments, and as-yet unimagined financial instruments that only reside in imaginations today could be the realized dreams of tomorrow.

Launching at the same time is Cosmos’ flagship cross-chain communication protocol, Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC), of which a prototype that hackers can start to play with will be ready by SF Blockchain Week. We can’t wait to see the new kinds of experimentation enabled by this innovation.

NOTE: Early applicants who get accepted to the DeFi hackathon will receive complementary tickets to SF Blockchain Week.
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