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Cyber created a folder for its community to take part in the governance of Cosmos. Our mission is to make the fuckgoogle validator community governed

As a DAO, cyber~Congress is committed to the development of the Cosmos ecosystem (of course, cyber itself being a part of it). Our idea is to bring our message of decentralization and digital freedom across to the whole Cosmos ecosystem via the means of the #fuckgoogle validator.

After the first donation round, the validator will no longer become the sole property of cyber~Congress, on the contrary, just like the cyber protocol, it will be a community-run validator, however (for the foreseeable future, due to security reasons), the keys to the validator will stay with cyber~Congress.

We want the community to start taking part in the governance of Cosmos. For now, this will be done manually. Hopefully, in the future, we will find a way to automate this.

This folder will be dedicated to the #fuckgoogle validator, discussing Cosmos governance proposals, off-chain voting discussions and so on.

Articles about the reasoning behind the #fuckgoogle validator: A table with voted on proposals (with links to reasoning): A table of future proposals:

If you want to discuss any of this, simply open an issue in this repo.


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