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COSMOS Marketing and Social Media Campaign: Governance Approval

Curious to know what community thinks about This. I was wondering if those with the expertise in the areas of Marketing in our community would want to create a marketing campaign with the aim to help bring better understanding of the COSMOS brand to the market place. To be clear, this is not about shilling or solely to increase ATOM price. This is about creating a comprehensive and detailed (not solely technical) marketing campaign to help investors/developers/block chain enthusiasts/everyone better understand what COSMOS is and why it is the one of the most undervalued/misunderstood blockchains IMO. This can be voted proposed to the community and voted on and if done properly can provide value to the COSMOS brand. I am curious if this is something that is currently being worked on now or being proposed or discussed in any way. It is sorely needed and perhaps the right approach and proposal (well thought out and professionally done) can garner the community support needed to get funding; all to ultimately add value to the ATOM ecosystem. Thoughts? Ideas? (ps - did not spell check/grammar check). Im beat. I run my own business..working since early AM. Non stop.
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Onomy Protocol - the financial infrastructure converging CeFi with DeFi announced its first public testnet, Onet. It's fully Cosmos based and is currently looking for validators. The purpose of testing is proving out the Gravity bridge (the bridge b/w Cosmos and ETH), deployment methodology , etc

Our public testnet is live, with validators worldwide now able to join, run a full node, test the Gravity bridge, and obtain faucet NOM. After going through several iterations of private testnets, we…