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Cosmos has an infinite supply and is designed to inflate?

I've been reading up on ATOM and have found a few red flags for me personally. Do I understand correctly that if I'm staking my ATOM on Coinbase for an APR of 5% (I know I can do better but CB is convenient) I am trying to compete with an inflation rate of 5% to 7%? This is because the number of ATOM is pumped up in correlation with the amount staked? This doesn't seem like a good set of incentives to hold ATOM. I'm not sure whether or not it's a good idea anymore.
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Spongebob stakes his $ATOM

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⚛️🏛 CosmosGov - New draft 🏛⚛️

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Do Kwon (Terra) thoughts on Cosmos

✉️ Twitter Do Kwon :🌔 Terra :🪞 Mirror :⚓️ Anchor : https://anchorprotocol.com00:...