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Cosmos blog: orbital communications april community update

Dev Update Cosmos SDK

Development Summary:

There were three point releases deployed on Cosmos SDK this month, namely v0.34.1, v0.34.2, and v0.34.3. Nothing major changed since the release of v0.34.0.

Spotlighted Issues:

Issue #3972: Total Supply Feature

This feature drastically improves the way funds are held in internal pools (eg. staking and community pools). In addition, this new module will allow for dynamic querying of relevant supply calculations (eg. total, bonded, unbonded, liquid).

Issue #4071: Separate Cosmos Hub software from Cosmos SDK

In progress: Cosmos Hub logic, known as gaia, is being divorced from the Cosmos SDK, which will enable the Tendermint development team to ship new releases of the Cosmos SDK software faster without impacting the Cosmos Hub. We hope that this separation will foster upstream contributions to the SDK, now that most generalizable logic is no longer part of the Cosmos Hub.

Issue #4206: Parameter change proposals

This issue provides an essential template for future parameter change proposals like the ones that enabled ATOM transfers. Tendermint Core

Development Summary:

Two releases of Tendermint Core were cut: v0.31.5 and v0.30.4, the latter being our continued effort on backport releases (we started by maintaining the v0.30 release with critical fixes).

On v0.30.4, fixes to the PEX (peer exchange) reactor were made.

🚨Notice 🚨

If you have upgraded your existing chain to v0.31.4, please upgrade to v0.31.5 ASAP. For a newly created chains (height: 0), this is not as critical. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)

Development Summary: The open IBC specification process is well under way. The core architecture of IBC is now publicly available on the ICS (Inter-chain Standards) repository on GitHub:

Spotlighted Issue:

Issue #26: IBC specification development ordering/tracking issue

This is the IBC tracking issue. New p...
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