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Cosmos (Atom) Price - major price correction/increase shortly?

Atom was released to market in May 2019 at around $5 and twenty months later it is still only $5.80. In the meantime, the entire crypto market has gone up 4x, other quality comparable platforms (ADA, XLM, Link, ETH etc) have gone up at least 5x, and its interoperability cousin project Polkadot has 7x the market cap. Im not trying to shill, Im just observing the obvious latency/discrepancy in the market and there are no fundamental reasons for this: Atom is on most reputable exchanges, its a highly respected premium project, excellent product with an obvious use case, strong community and developers, and is even one of Vitalik's two favourite blockchains (along with Zcash). Disclaimer: I hold Atoms + do your own research. etc.
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