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Cosmonaut Radio Classics #23 - Ethermint, connecting Ethereum to the internet of blockchains.

Hello Cosmonauts, we kick things off this week with Ethermint and how Cosmos can offer a scaling solution for Ethereum applications. In a very brief explanation: Ethermint will offer an EVM, Ethereum Virtual Machine, which will allow Cosmos to support Ethereum smart contracts through IBC. Chainsafe have been the team involved through most of the process and recently the community pool funded the completion of Ethermint. Chorus One interviewed Chainsafe very early on about Ethermint and this podcast takes place before most development has happened. Great for getting perspective about what the vision for Ethermint is. Chorus One: Most recently Chainsafe were on Interchain FM where they provided an update after doing more testing and being closer to a working product. Interchain FM: This is a bonus episode with Chainsafe and Jorge Izquierdo from Aragon on Citizen Cosmos. Aragon were previously going to launch a sovereign Aragon Chain but have since dropped those plans, I believe they are still intending to build on Ethermint when it is live. This is a really good interview for explanation about why a project wants to leave Ethereum for Cosmos and further how Ethermint offers a benefit to Ethereum dapps. Chainsafe and Aragon DAO: Ethermint has had some changes since this, you can read more about the new plan to advance Ethermint here: Thanks for tuning in! Check back Wednesday for another Cosmonaut Radio Classic!
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