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Cosmonaut Radio Classics #22 - Tendermint offers sustainable, eco-friendly consensus and was doing it before it was trending.

Welcome back Cosmonauts! Thanks for tuning in again as we go into the weekend. For the weekend to keep on this trend of going green we have some discussion of Cosmos being sustainable. We start with an old, old, old podcast from all the way back in 2016. This interview with Jae Kwon, Ethan Buchman and Dustin Byington is back before Cosmos was a plan, it was only Tendermint at the time. They also refer to things as containers and ports rather than hubs and zones, this became new terminology around the time the Cosmos Hub vision came. They talk a lot about how Tendermint is not only a more sustainable solution to distributed consensus but also one that will outperform and outlast alternatives. Tendermint Consensus: And then we go to Jae Kwon on his own, on the old Pomp podcast. This is actually a replay of a replay for Cosmonaut Classics but it was too relevant to not include for those that missed it before. This interview covers everything from Cosmos and consensus to privacy and security. In between all of this they talk about the environment, seaweed, cow farts and how blockchain can be used to make the world a better place. Jae Kwon on Pomp: And then we have our other co-founder Ethan Buchman. Ethan is a molecular biophysicist that got lost building an internet of blockchains. I’ve never had as much time questioning reality and my own existence as I have gotten from listening to Ethan Buchman. Gregory Landua of Regen Network is the host of this interview. Some of you may be familiar with Regen for their role launching Stargate and others may know them for their role as a blockchain for the environment. This talk is all about how Cosmos creates a regenerative and sustainable network through independent blockchains. Ethan Buchman Planetary Regeneration:
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