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Biweekly update on Cosmos ecosystem vol. 45, 24th March — 7th April by Paradigm

Cosmonauts, IBC is here! The passing of Proposal 41 on the Cosmos Hub marks a momentous milestone in the evolution of the Cosmos ecosystem and the vision to realize the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol as the foundation for interoperability between sovereign blockchains. On March 29th the Cosmos Hub unlocked IBC transfers and opened up its port to the Interchain!Governance proposal #44 now is in the voting period: Tharsis is requesting 100,000 ATOMs from the Cosmos Hub community pool to fund, develop and advance the Ethermint project and launch an Ethermint Chain.Last week, Peng Zhong, CEO at Tendermint, was joining the 5th European Blockchain Convention. The Tendermint team announced Tendermint Ventures, a $20M fund through which they will invest in valuable projects building with Cosmos and driving the expansion of the Cosmos ecosystem. Moreover, the team will be awarding hard working validators who have been contributing to Cosmos in the form of open source software, community building, infrastructure or others. If you are one of them, apply for a delegation from Tendermint until April 15th.As for the Cosmos ecosystem news: The next edition of the Interchain Foundation’s biweekly update was published. Althea announced the completion and test of the first transaction of a Cosmos based token (ALTG) to test ethereum (Goerli) using the second iteration of Althea Gravity, the Cosmos <> Ethereum bridge. The Chain mainnet launched on 25 March 2021. Moreover, and Visa successfully conducted the first settlement of transactions using USDC. Sentinel has officially minted its mainnet genesis block on Cosmos SDK. Upon swapping and mainnet trading, the ticker for Sentinel changes from SENT to DVPN. BitSong mainnet launched on March 26th. Good news is, the first BitSong Web Wallet is now online. The Persistence mainnet went live on March 30th. Decentraland, the biggest virtual world in the metaverse and Aave, the leading liquidity and...
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