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Best validator options and staking strategies!

Hello fellow Cosmonauts ! I have been staking my Atoms since January of 2021 via Exsodus wallet (which uses Everstake as their chosen validator I believe) I have a Cosmostation account and am comfortable with delegating, redelegating, and voting. At the moment Exsodus is offering 9.02% APY which I am more than happy about, however my questions are as follows: 1. Am I maximizing my APY % using Everstake ? Which validators offer the best APY? 2. Which validators do the best job supporting Cosmos intentions and are the most aligned with Cosmos mission and vision? 3. Are all, most or some of the validators safe and secure ? Are there any to avoid? 4. Does staking with one validator vs multiple offer any specific advantages or disadvantages? Thanks In advance! Any advice, suggestions, or staking strategies are welcome and encouraged:). I am impressed with Cosmos and all of the projects being built using Cosmos! Hopefully we are all building up a foundation for something truly great ⚛️.
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