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Best Cosmos wallet from safety/value point of view in my opinion

Hello guys! I saw a lot of posts recommending to use software wallets for new entries instead of Airgap which i discovered about one month ago and i personally think it's the best option right now from a security point of view. Airgap wallet uses two devices, so basically you can use an old smartphone that everyone of us usually have( which is the airgaped device that works like a cold storage device to autorize transactions), while the actual wallet should stays on your smartphone that you use for your daily life. Just to be clear the airgap wallet comes from the concept of airgaping a network which according to wikipedia is " a measure employed on one or more computers to ensure that a secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network. It means a computer or network has no network interfaces connected to other networks (airgaped device) with a physical or conceptual air gap, analogous to the air gap used in plumbing to maintain water quality." I'm not an expert but for any questions please don't hesitate!
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Some news on JUNO

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Some news on JUNO

An interoperable smart contract hub which automatically executes, controls or documents a procedure of relevant events and actions according to the terms of such contract or agreement to be valid &…