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Basic question about Osmosis pools

Hi, I’m new in Cosmos ecosystem. All I managed to do was to configure Keplr extension starting from Cosmostation and stake some Atom. I was curious about Osmosis so I did “something” with a very low amount of Atom: I participated to a pool (Atom/Osmo). I’m sure it’s easy for you, my questions are: Am I already getting rewards (I don’t need to redeem or do something)? Half Atom and half Osmo? The difference between having APR 55,38% or 110,76% is because if I choose the first one I would get my investment back in one day, while the second option should need two weeks, isn’t it? Is it correct that I need to stake some Cosmos for airdrops? As I started with Cosmostation, it is OK if I delegate them? Thank you so much, I know I have so much to study.
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