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Are you experiencing FUD?

So the vibe of this sub took a dark twist these last few days 😄 Earlier in the week we were discussing the value of ATOM and helping noobs with staking and wallets and now we're a seemingly angry mob of downtrodden CUCKS being FLEECED out of OUR money by a nefarious cabal of elitist validators and insiders. When did we merge with QAnon lol? I'm not picking sides, I think there are valid points being raised amongst all the accusations and conspiracy theories, about best use of funds and governance processes, validator responsibilities etc. What does concern me more though is how eerily similar the recent posts and comments are to the relentless FUD campaign that was launched against r/WallStreetBets as the GME MOASS kicked off. The change in mood on that sub was insane. It went from camaraderie and funny memes to 24/7 claims of BAGHOLDERS! SCAM! GET OUT! I'VE LOST ALL MY MONEY! over night. It was very difficult to process all that negative sentiment and think rationally. It's above my pay grade to even guess what was playing out there at that time but these recent sensationalist claims that we're all being fleeced and that Cosmos is a scam, backed up quickly by several claims of dumping holdings (with helpful suggestions of alternative coins to buy), giving up on the project and moving elsewhere are disturbingly similar and disproportionate to the reality. Go read proposal 42 again. Yeah it's vague. No, I don't really get it. But to go from that to outrage that the community pool is being drained by scammers is quite a leap. It seems the recent ATH triggered a wave of concern for the community pool and its allocation. Is prop 42 a pointless waste of money? Maybe. Is it collusion by validators to siphon money into their own pockets for a cocaine fueled party for the elite? Maybe. Or is it just a misunderstood request for funds to produce professional content and hold a conference? Is the meme contest a bit shit? Possibly. Is it a racket to hand out community mo...
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What is Cosmos. ATOM analysis

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