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Anyone here messing around on the Bostrom network?

So I've been intrigued by the Bostrom network ($BOOT) for a few weeks now, and while I can't make heads or tails of like how to explain what is happening, I kind of figured out some of the basic ways to interact with the platform. I've been able to stake $BOOT which earns you an equal number of like... Hydrogen tokens on the platform Then I've been able to convert my Hydrogen tokens into Watts and Amps, which generate energy or something. Once I filled up my energy bar, I was able to update my robot with a custom avatar. I think all of these transactions (because all transactions are on-chain) cost like a total of 200 million $BOOT tokens staked. But here's the kicker... You use Hydrogen, which is like a currency that you get for every 1 staked $BOOT, so it really cost nothing in the long run because I can just unstake my BOOT and sell them after 3 weeks. The total value of 200 million $BOOT by the way is like $20. So for a $20 investment, I get the opportunity to I guess... Participate in some sort of wacky new social network where every time you do a transaction, there's a little icon that says "f*** google". Anyone got any thoughts on this project? I'm gonna definitely dive in and start making a bunch of "cyber links" so as to increase my "brain", since I understand that all this stuff is permanently etched on the blockchain. That's kind of cool come to think of it. It's like super low cost blockspace.
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