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An update from Blockchain's first protocol that bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi and brings fractionalised Forex trading to the blockchain. It's fully Cosmos based as being application specific and interoperable makes it the ideal platform for offering cross-chain financial products

Onomy Protocol — Q3 2021 Community Update

Our Treasured Community,

We are deeply humbled by your support and shared vision in Onomy this early on our journey. Onomy Protocol has accelerated from a starting team of four to now twenty devoted and skilled members, placing significant care towards building a complete suite of products that will create a stronger, safer, and more inclusive DeFi ecosystem.

We are truly privileged for the opportunity to change the world with Onomy’s technologies. Our vision stretches from converging DeFi and Forex markets with significantly enhanced user experience, to being a game-changer for the single individual without reliable access to banking or stable currencies in lesser-developed countries. On the longer term horizon, our goal is to become the onboarding route that institutions take to join the DeFi space, a feat that will be achieved through partnerships with traditional institutions like banks, payment processors, investment firms, and of course, with growing DeFi ecosystems.

This community update will showcase our latest developments, internal processes, and plans for launching Onomy Protocol and NOM, our collateral, staking, and governance token.

Team Update

We are fortunate to have inspired and recruited strong team members from renowned companies like Apple and JPMorgan, who are now joining us for software engineering and machine learning purposes. This further expands our existing industry experience, with members holding backgrounds at Microsoft, ConocoPhillips, Casper Labs, Lido Finance, NEM Group, and many other enterprises.

Our team now has dedicated members experienced with TLA+, Rust, GoLang, React, and Solidity, as well product design, product management, business analysis, and marketing professionals spearheading the success of Onomy Protocol.

Technical & Product Update

We design our software using TLA+, a formal specification language providing proof of cor...

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