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An awesome entry point doc for on-boarding new validators to cyber, contains all the needed info in one place =)

This is as an onboarding point for cyber validators The mission

Cyber is a decentralized google. Its mission is to create a universal search protocol to (a) build an open semantic field of the internet with the help of blockchain technology and cyberlinks, and (b) decentralize the infrastructure of the web with the help of blockchain

The short track

If you don't want to read the whole doc and know what and why you are doing this, simply follow this guide:

The long track

If you feel comfortable with setting up validators, familiar with what we do already, but still unsure about cyber, then the below links are for you:

For everything else...

If you don't feel like you're sure about what cyber does, what validators do or if you do, but need some additional info - it's below. Regardless of whether you are a professional validator, a miner or just starting up.

Can you explain all of this in a paragraph?

Cyber is a decentralized google for provable and relevant answers. Due to its simple architecture, cyber can build a predictive model of the universe. Being an intelligent beast, cyber uses economic incentives, blockchain technology, IPFS and semantics to build the new Great Web. Cyber is at the infrastructure stage and it needs heroes that are ready to save the galaxy from extinction. Hence, cyber deployed a public incentivized testnet and is using distribution games to help onboard developers, validators, researchers and users to the Great Web. To get more traction, cyber decided to gift the best projects out there: ETH, ATOM and URBIT. Because cyber is built by geeks it's very geeky but has lots of awesome features described in the docs above.

But what about the protocol itself? Shut up and take my money

If you're ready to dive in deeper, then set up a hero, play the game and read why we do what we do

I need more links


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