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💬🔥 AMA with Blank Lee of StaFi Protocol 💬🔥 - May 30th, @ 6:00PM PDT / 9:00PM EDT

👩🏻‍🚀Fellow Cosmonauts!👨🏽‍🚀 The first Liquid Staking solution is here! This Sunday at 6pm PDT, we'll get the chance to ask questions about an innovative new approach to Staking Derivatives from StaFi Protocol and **Blank Lee**, **StaFi's Chief of Research**, will be answering our questions. ​ **Doing things just a little bit differently this time around: prepare your questions for Blank Lee, take part in this community Reddit AMA and win one of the 4 prizes of the value of 25$ each in $USDT reserved to the 4 best questions.** ​ **🎖The winners will be chosen live by Blank and Johnny at the end of the Event.** >Stafi is the first DeFi protocol that enriches staking assets with liquidity. The Protocol was initiated in Feb 2019, with a mission of improving the relations between DeFi and Staking, creating a safer PoS public chain and a better underlying asset for DeFi, namely rToken (e.g. rAtom, rXTZ). With rToken in place, the development of DeFi does not actually compromise the security of the original chain. Meanwhile, rToken holders will earn interest without losing liquidity of their staked tokens. > >rToken is a derivative token pegged to the staking asset with a 1:1 ratio. On the basis of it, a myriad of applications can be developed. At the same time, token holders do not have to choose between staking and DeFi-they can do both!. When it is widely applied, Stafi Protocol will be an indispensable infrastructure in the DeFi world. > >Blank Lee is the chief researcher of StaFi. He was a former senior rating analyst in crypto since 2017. Now he is in charge of product design, operations and marketing in StaFi. Today we hope to focus the conversation on the the use of rATOM, how liquid staking works with StaFi protocol and the upcoming yield campaign starting June 1st launch! **Ask Blank Lee anything about:** 🥇Fir...
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