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About 8 months ago I made one of my first posts in the Cosmos community. Here is my first post in the Cosmos subreddit. It's actually a pretty good summary describing my approach to crypto. Way, way back before I really understood Cosmos or Tendermint I was already hooked in. Fast-forward to today I grew from within the community and I'm now moderator here where I make sure these types of curious questions don't go unanswered; because to this day I am still asking this very same question. Now I just have slightly more informed answers. Though Regen was still the first mention, all about the eco-friendly options. Community is at the core driving Cosmos. Without communities there would be no ecosystem. I took inspiration from other community members and spent time engaging, asking questions, seeking answers and helping others. I’m not anyone special, just a curious Cosmonaut exploring the various galaxies in the Cosmos.
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